Your Reflection

your reflection never

and remember to look at your reflection One great thing about your reflection is that it's always brutally honest. It'll show you your jubilation and relief. But it'll also show you your boils and moles, your anger, sorrow, and pain.

The best thing about it though, is that it is consistently truthful. It doesn't reflect some lesser or greater degree of truth, only the truth, and it does so to that very same degree regardless of where or when you look at it.

But of course, we humans tend to be truth-deniers when the truth proves inconvenient. After all, we didn't evolve with the ability to see our reflection; our Palaeolithic ancestors had to rely on other people to give feedback.

The problem there is that many of the challenges of modern life demandintrospection as a means of feedback, something that doesn't seem to come naturally to a lot of people, myself included.

So I started a new ritual. Whenever I was caught with a problem, I would look at my own reflection in the mirror, literally.

The conclusion of that, is that I now think that looking at your reflection - into your own eyes - is a skill that takes willingness to start and conscious effort to upkeep. But for some strange reason, even seeing your own reflection makes you consider yourself from a different perspective, which results in an added level of clarity.

Because so many of life's journeys are trodden alone, my reflection is starting to become my best friend and most valuable confidant.


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