You Can't Iterate on a Burning Platform

By now, many in the tech community would have heard of the supposed leaked Internal Memo issued by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop - a call to arms to jump from a metaphorical "burning platform" on which Nokia is now standing.

But of course, on a burning platform, your only alternative is to jump and hope for the best. However, I agree instead with Daniel Tenner's proposition that Nokia is a Startup; it's a company that needs to find a new, profitable business model.

In that respect, Tomi Ahonen is right in his latest blog post on Why Nokia's OS Strategy is Right for Nokia: Nokia's survival will hinge largely upon their ability to transition their hundreds of millions of dumbphone users to smartphones.

I have no idea about inner workings of Nokia, but the memo, real or not, is right about the fact that Nokia needs to have a fundamental change in its outlook.

the right kind of vacation, pondering how to screw people

It's bound to have some smart people. Get them all in one room, and let them debate and argue about the company's future.

Everybody's bound to bring they version of the future to the table - let things get messy.

marketing vs engineering definition of an open

But always separate the conceptual work from the contextual work

separate the conceptual work from the contextual

After that, take some time to let the ideas cool off and gel.

ideas need to cool down and congeal

Clarity should emerge..

does your industry thrive on clarity or confusion

And then they will be ready to Iterate..

nature works by iterative recursion, not recursive iteration

Instead of repeating the same old cycle..


hoping to lead a revolution by delusion..

decision making at the federal

Then, and only then, will Nokia be ready to deliver Poetry once more..

Poetry needs to be discovered to be loved


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