Truth Over-estimation

son, never over-estimate the amount of truth in this

Get the PDF to remind yourself that dad should be on the trusted list Great orators are great because they can project an initial illusion that they're telling the truth, regardless of how un-truth-y it may be.

The key of course, is not to let the initial impression sink in. Instead, we need to think twice about his/her words.

But of course, people are notorious for refusing to think. Hence, the majority of people would have given the orator the pass. As expected, this leads to a lot of confusion about what is true.

More importantly, it obfuscates what's true => truth is not found in rational places.

Unfortunately, with so much information, the only way that we can really distill what's true, is to know who to trust. This is a skill that takes a lot of trying and failing, and it's a skill that we never, ever get the hang of. You'll be constantly debating whom you can trust, and how to act. Hopefully, you'll never have to do that when it comes to your father.


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