This Month in Scrivling - August 2011

August was a very busy month in the tech scene. Most of the details probably wouldn't concern the layperson, but certainly, one story is resonant: The resignation of Steve Jobs

1 - I Seek Quotes From the Dead

This is by far the end. We're going to see much more from Apple.

2 - Unrealised Sorrow

Of course, there would be the dramatists, but their feelings would subside..

3 - Plasticity of Perception

But regardless of what people think, the technology has already left its mark.

4 - Philosopher with Tablet

Of course, many novices try to hide behind these tools...

5 - The Clueless Novice. The Clueless Expert

Instead, focus on cultivating the ideas that you do have...

6 - The Idea Reaper

And never, ever, make a big deal about it...

7 - Arrogant In. Arrogant Out


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