This Month in Scrivling - April 2011

First, an interjection - Writing.

Writing is so important in today's world, but you have to be clear whether you are...

0 - Writing to Understand or Writing to be Understood

write like a nacademic to understand. write like a commoner to be

Now that we're done with writing, let's get to the meat. April was a month of aspirations, and the process of achieving them...

1 - There are 2 Types of People

there are 2 types of people over 40, those who have achieved their
childhood dreams, and those who never had

My background is in math and computer science, but no matter your filed, you'll never stop learning...

2 - You'll Never Be Done with Learning

math: you'll never be done with

Deep knowledge is assimilated slowly, and during that period, you'll have to stick to the fundamentals. This is hard...

3 - Working is Easy, Learning is Hard

working is easy. learning is

Hopefully, at the end of things, you'll get to a stage where you'll have mastery of those fundamentals, so much so that you can manipulate them...

4 - Make a Better Wheel

the best become the best by making a better

That will propel you to visionary status...

5 - Visionaries Focus on What Doesn't Change

visionaries do not focus on what is about to change, but on what

And as you find your schtick, you'll realise that what was previously great now seems crappy...

6 - Achievement is About Finding Bigger and Bigger Things to Hate

achievement is about finding bigger and bigger things to

But never forget the big picture, and always have your roots..

7 - Money. Knowledge. Love

money knowledge


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