The Tragedy of Information

The tragedy of information is that oftentimes, who we trust comes
down to personal choice, with too many people believing it to be the

Like it or not, in today's too-much-information world, the only way to get closer to truth is by distrusting information. You can never have enough information, but yet have to use what you do have to make an "informed" decision. At times of urgency, it will have to boil down to trust.

But when things have calmed, we can now search for empiricism. Instead of searching for information that is trustworthy, search for information that is blatantly wrong, and hence can be safely ignored. What's left of the pile, you use, but never trust.

The danger is in living a life where urgency is the norm, leaving no room for the necessary scepticism, which comes back to haunt you in your later years; you can't live on trust alone.


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