The Longhair Stare

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the longhair

Evidently, men with long hair (like myself) are in the minority.

As with any non-explicitly marginalised minority, this leads to many odd scenarios. eg:

You're standing in a crowded train. It stops at a station. Some rude guy barges his way through the crowd while trying to get to the exit. He shoves you aside and doesn't turn to apologise. He does the same with everyone in his path up to the exit, and gets off just as the door closes. Your eyes were fixed on him the whole time, and you grumble a little under your breath. As you scan across the affected crowd, your gaze meets with another longhair's. "Yeah. That guy was a prick!" you both nod is unison

Two days later. The same route. The same scenario. The same connection.

Shared identity is awesome.


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