the illusion of understanding increases with depth

True revolutionists are great leaners. They first strive for breadth,

and then incrementally build up from all levels at the same time.

In the end, they become generalists in the most virtuous sense of the word: masters at seemingly everything.

This takes time of course, and though they may be really, really good in some of their fields, it takes all bars to cross the line for an epiphany to occur.

Most of the time, they start out like this:

With much practice, one can end up a specialist:

Many are content to spend their lives there, and why not? You can easily have a wonderful life, doing fulfilling work with money never scarce.

But for those who want to take the next step, something extra is needed; they need to become specialists in more fields, while maintaining their prowess in their current fields.

The thing to note here is that deep understanding of a subject matter cannot be rushed. It takes years to gain true conceptual understanding of a field. Hence, such a path needs to be planned from the get-go, and executed over a life-time.

That's a big decision to make, and it definitely changes one's entire outlook towards life. The danger comes at both extremes: getting conceited with specialised knowledge, and getting burned out by the monumental task ahead.

For the former, some perspective is needed. For the latter, knowing when to quit is vital.


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