The Art Experience

the art

By art, I'm referring to a creation that evokes a strong emotional response within the person experiencing it.

It used to be that such art was scarce - that's why being a poet was a big deal 500 years ago. Today however, we run into the problem of too much art.

It's not that it's gotten worse, there's just too much. We've hence crossed from a society where the art drives the individual experience, to a society where the individual drives the art experience. ie: there is something out there that's going to give you the 'wow' factor, you just need to look for it.

What happens if you're too lazy to look? Well, you get what we deem as 'pop' - that weird little region of convergence that satisfies nobody, yet which everybody agrees to like.

We thus get 'pop music', 'pop fiction', 'pop movies', etc, all of which are made in a formulaic fashion to please the most number of people.

Don't confuse 'popular' with 'pop'. 'The Lord of the Rings' movie trilogy was popular, but it certainly wasn't done in the spirit of 'pop' (of which 'Twilight' is a fine examples).

pop is the price you pay for

Get to the Point Already

If you've survived that rambling, here's the main point of this post.

There are some forms of art that were made in the spirit of 'pop'. They're fine, but rarely have the power to excite the senses like other forms of art.

To truly enjoy art, and to experience the power it has to shape experience to our advantage, we need to streamline our experience down to the few artists that truly satisfy our criteria. That makes it somewhat of a private affair.

Eg: When tackling a hard programming problem, I'd use some E.S Posthumus to inspire some motivation for the session. I'd be in total silence (a form of music) for the bits of code that require some really deep thought. I'd loop through some Buckethead to get through repetitive tasks or "boring" modules. Then some Nightwish during a break to reset the mind. Followed by more coding. Then another break with some Starcraft 2 replays. More coding. Probably some mind-blowing drumming to get pumped once more. And then finally wrapped up with some Paul Gilbert.

That is of course, one of many combinations that I've tried over the years, with the aim of producing an epic combination for giving rise to both creativity and productivity.

The same applies to creating fervour, romance, bliss, tranquility, liveliness, etc. And of course, the medium shouldn't be restricted to music.

These things don't fall into your lap. Like anything else, you have to actively seek out art and create your own epic experience, all while accepting that it's something that no one will identify with.

Not everyone can relate to art, and it's just the way I like it.


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