Take The Pain Before It Comes to You

Take The Pain Before It Comes to You

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At the end of 2011, a wrote about how true freedom comes from being able to seek your own pain.

My opinions have not changed since then, and any success I've had has been due to choosing to take an upfront cost of pain or discomfort in the quest of greater gain in the future.

Quick examples:

  • Eating a ketogenic diet to improve cognitive performance
  • Foam rolling the crap out of my groin in attempt to correct a hip imbalance (still working on it)
  • Sitting in a tub of cold water to reverse thyroid issues

My ideal life would revolve around having the freedom to pursue pain without risk of dying.

Explanation of the Chinese Characters in the Bottom Left

This is a play on words, and is actually not a valid chinese word pairing.

The actual word pairing is "自虐", pronounced "zì nüè", which means literally "to inflict self harm" -- ie: masochism.

The word "智" then denotes "wisdom", and is pronounced "zhì" (almost the same sound, but with a 'h' in the middle)

So "智虐" (zhì nüè) is my way of reminding myself to have the wisdom to seek (the right type of) self-harm in pursuit of growth.


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