Socially Accepted Mess

Socially Accepted

For many, New Year's Eve is a socially-accepted mess. For the Yanks, Superbowl Sunday is a socially-accepted mess. For the Spanish, Tomatina is a socially-accepted mess. For the Hindus, Holi is a socially-accepted mess.

We as a collective tend to be more willing to accept grand excesses, excusing it on reasons of "tradition".

But in the same way that pride of country is dubbed "patriotism", and pride of self dubbed "arrogance", so are the momentous traditions judged in a more favourable light than the mundane ones.

Those mundane traditions then become fertile ground for intolerance; that guy who is loudly slurping down his noodles isn't 'practicing tradition', he's just being rude and messy.

Of course, depending on the context (eg: next to you in office canteen, splattering his soup on your iPhone), he could be in the wrong. It's then his responsibility to practice his traditions without negative externalities; It's everyone else's responsibility not to generalise from the few.

To take a step further, try to see the world through the lens of another that's where the tastiness is.


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