Smooth vs Rough. Robust vs Tough


Some products are just a breeze to use right off the bat. They make as few assumptions about the prior experience of the user as possible. eg: iPad, toaster, dishwasher. Using them is a smooth time. (Note that commodities are, by definition, smooth)

Other products have a steeper learning curve, mainly because of many underlying features. Eg: spreadsheets, power drill, emacs. The start is rough, but once the hump is crossed, the utility of the product shines.

Some products are robust - they stand up to all sorts of operating conditions. eg: Toyota Camry

Some products are tough - they perform stellar under certain conditions. eg: Ferrari

Hypothesis: The most successful products (defined by the creator) are either smooth+tough (iPad), or rough+robust (emacs). The best ones, in terms of utility and value creation, are invariably (rough/smooth)+robust

Proof: Left to the reader...


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