Slave To His Heroes

a slave to his

We all have heroes. These are people whom we admire for a certain skill set, or for a particular personality, or for no explicable reason at all.

The problem is when admiration devolves to worship, and one puts one's heroes onto a shiny podium atop a mental high ground.

I've seen people defend their heroes harder than they'd defend their parents; the line between their heroes and themselves has become blurred.

The sad part is that in doing so, such people lose sight of themselves, and are stuck trying to become their heroes instead of becoming themselves.

I think it pays to keep a certain distance from your heroes. Know that from a distance, your heroes look perfect, but face-to-face, their just as human as you.

Work hard, and keep looking up to your heroes from a distance. Soon enough, I'm sure we'll all get to the same level as our heroes, and when we finally meet them, we can talk like humans do. Get the PDF or the print to see his heroes (and maybe your's too!)


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