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-- I actually had another sketch I'd originally intended to publish today, but after looking at it again and again, I thought it wasn't good enough. So I decided to post a cop-out piece instead.

As they say, the show must go on. Sometimes it suffers because of this, but that's the price you pay for committing a stochastic process like inspiration to a regular schedule.

Yet that's what we all need to do, because expectations are linear, regardless of the . Your customers want to see the next shiny product by Christmas. Your investor want to see you beat last quarter's growth. Your Mom wants your grades to constantly improve amidst extra-curricular activities.

However, another side effect of this fluctuating nature of inspiration is that when it comes, you can produce some really stellar work.

The danger there is in releasing it too early. That sets the bar of expectation way too high. Any artist who seemingly sustains a high level of art only does so by choosing what to release and managing expectations. They recognise the vicissitudes of creativity, and seek to normalise their creative aura.

However, when the right time comes, these artists know how to WOW they're audiences. That time is at the end of a production cycle. This could be Christmas-time, it could be the end of the financial year, or it could be the end of the week.

Like it or not, many people will remember you by your closing words. And that's why I save my better pieces for the end of the week. See you Friday.


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