Plugging Frustration Leaks

how well does your work environment plug frustration leaks

Increase your awareness of frustration leaks. Behind many a great undertaking, there is a person who is pissed-off at the way things are. Dissatisfaction is a great driving force for change which can and should be channeled towards greatness. Hence, any good working environment helps focus this frustration on the right things.

Instead of getting angry that the coffee machine isn't working, we can direct our frustration toward towards fixing some esoteric error thrown by coffeescript (a pseudo-javascript).

A bad working environment does just the opposite; it makes us get all worked up over anything that enters the sphere of frustration, instead of distinguishing frustration that drones from frustration that drives. Your ideal work place should seek to correct this.

Essentially, engineer your work place to direct negativity to the product and not the productive.


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