Permission to Panic

permission to panic - am I gonna

Get the PDF to give yourself permission to panic Some people are blessed with a very positive outlook of life. In concrete terms, they can very easily reframe a bad situation into a good one.

Missed the train? Great! Now I've got more time to study my class notes.

Most of us can't do this of course. Our first thought to the aforementioned scenario would be: Oh no, now I'm going to be late for class. We're evolutionarily programmed to panic at the most insignificant turn of events.

I hate fighting evolution, so instead I let it have it's way. I still experience panic, and it seems like there are different types and degrees of panic that each demand their own piece.

But as I learn to appease each one, they too seem content to shout instead of whine. The panic still comes swiftly, but it hits a peak and dies down quickly, content and appreciative with its mouthful of cognitive resource.

As long as its not greedy, I'll continue to give myself permission to panic.


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