People Steal Shit

people steal shit, I mean that

Get the PDF There's been a bit of a stir around the reprinting and plagiarism of a web article about medieval apple pies written by Monica Gaudio. Not only was this done without her consent, the response she got when asking for an apology was downright condescending and rude.

Not to sound flippant and uncaring, but to me, this is simply news. ie: not worth stressing over.

There's no argument that plagiarism is wrong. There's also no reason to believe that calling out such an incident is going to solve the problem.

People have been stealing stuff for a very long time. Most of the time, the thieves have gone through so much effort to steal the stuff that they can't be bothered with improving it(as was the case with Microsoft and Javascript).

What that means is that stolen shit remain shitty.

I guess the only way to prevent yourself from being harmed by plagiarism is by having nothing to lose.

One way is to actually suck, then no one will want to copy you anyway.

Another way is to have the world value your scarcity not by what you've done, but what you're doing, and what you're potentially capable of doing.

That's much harder for some pursuits, which is why we need the law for protection.

As an example, it's much easier for a musician, or a scribbler like myself, to come up with something tomorrow that takes our art to new heights.

Not so for a researcher in a germ lab where cultures can take weeks to grow.

I guess my take on the broad picture is: Know what to protect, and protect it viciously. Know what to give up, and lose it lovingly.


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