OSI Layer 8

OSI Layer 8 - experience emotion transport

or the Print

The social graph + location awareness + game mechanics + real time updates + personalised steam = OSI Layer 8

Data-exchange Mechanism: Emotion/Experience Transport Protocol (EETP)

Status Codes:

EETP 0 => Screw You - EETP 1 => Let's be friends =)

Basic Methods:


one-way poll.


Super charged GET request, guaranteed <10ms latency


Non-blocking acceptance protocol


I read your mind! Server-bypass protocol


No such command. No forgiveness to be had.

URI structure:

eetp://location_in_your_heart/. - eetps://stalk/.

Now if we can only get the committee together and approve this damn thing!

On a (slightly) more serious note, the point that I'm trying to get across is that we are grappling with new abstractions from the application layer, and for now, are in a very naive state of affairs.

A simple example: relationships are not binary, yet facebook makes it so.

They're getting better, but still leave many holes to be filled. That's great news, it means that we've just begun to explore the possibilities of this medium; there's tons of wealth out there to be created, let's get busy.


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