Once Bitten. Twice Spry

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Once bitten. Twice

Arguably, how we deal with failure determines whether or not we succeed.

Some people reel from the experience of a single failure. They embody the spirit of "Once Bitten. Twice Shy", becoming over-cautious, not wanting to "fail" again. More often than not, they fear the feeling of failure rather than the specifics of the failure.

The people who succeed in life are often the ones who rebound very quickly from a failed attempt. They immediately analyse what went wrong (without fear or regret), and plan a second (or third) attempt. Failure either doesn't shake them at all, or makes them want to try harder.

Probably the most important attribute such people have is being able to confidently pose the statement, "Y is the worse that could happen if I do X.". If Y is below a certain threshold, they charge. Ergo, they fail, but they never die.

Losers fail to figure things out. Winners FAIL to figure things out.


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