everything is going according to plan, I must create chaos

Here's my New Year's Resolution for 2011.

While I like to keep my plans secret, this one is generic, and more importantly, beyond my control, and hence can be shared without consequence.

The Plan for 2011 is to create a structure that allows for randomness.

This was spurred from a quote from Nassim Nicholas Taleb's work of art, 'The Bed of Procrustes':

If you know, in the morning, what your day looks like with any precision, you are a little bit dead - the more precision, the more dead you are.

Damn. My days always look structured. Am I dying (and I'm not yet 20)?

But then, I went back to my logs (or 'diary', if you may), I realised that what looked like structure wasn't really structure at all. Through the logs, I'd find notes like "Didn't finish up Parsing Techniques today, but got a great piece of writing done".

Somehow, I was letting some form of virtuous procrastination taint my structured day with randomness. ie: You can have "planned randomness", or Structured Chaos. This was a great formula for creativity.

Of course, the downside was long, overfilling checklists which saw no end. It also meant that some topics which I meant to hit were either omitted, glanced over, or not given the time they deserved.

Hence, a major goal of 2011 will be to refine and optimise this process; How can I both get what is "plan-able" done, while allowing for random bursts of creativity?

Would it require better estimation of my capabilities? Does it mean more focus on core topics? Does it mean focusing study at different times of the day? Does it mean trying a new focus methodology? A new Technology?

It's time to find out.


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