Near-Death Experiences

have you had your near death experience

A near-death experience is something remarkable. It gives you something to be grateful for, as well as something to tell people about.

Of course, the fact that you're alive tells us something about near-death experiences: their inherent subjectivity. After all, how can you possibly measure how close to death you really are?

Hence, it's up to you to define what "death" really is. To the entrepreneur, that may be the time when the company was about to run out of funds. To the firefighter, it could be a narrow escape from a burning building.

But wait, why the hell are we even talking about this? Well, some people like Amy Tan think that near-death makes you very creative. Many stories, ranging from the strife of entrepreneurs, to the escapades of war journalists, is that getting close to death makes us live a little more.

But the theory is that near-death experiences every once in a while makes you feel more alive. However, getting close to dying on a daily basis is probably not so good for your health; unlike your fitness threshold, I doubt your "death threshold" can increase on a daily basis.

It's when you're working a job that you hate, when you're fearing for your livelihood on a daily basis, that you truly start to die.

So I wish you some near-death experience in your lifetime, but I wish you never make it a habit.


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