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In her TED talk, Elizabeth Gilbert talked about the fickleness of artistic inspiration. It comes and goes, often appearing at the most inconvenient times, while disappearing before it can be captured.

The Ancient Greeks had a way of dealing with this problem. They believed that inspiration wasn't contained in the human psyche, but instead delivered to us via creatures in the ether, which they called daemons. In that way, they came to accept the whimsy of these daemons, and were at peace with their work.

Doing the opposite - trying harder and harder to "catch" this inspiration hasn't worked ever since the time of the Ancient Greeks, and with the distractions of today's digital world, I doubt that it has gotten any easier.

What has changed though, is that the daemons of today multiple far more quickly and bounce from place to place with greater frequency. The inspiration which they bring may be much more short-lived, but it is also much more intense. All it takes, is an ever-questioning mind, and faith in those little daemons.


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