Music Is Energy

"Music is Energy"

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I was feeling distracted yesterday. While trying to figure how to properly propagate dataflow using David Nolen's Om together with the pedestal framework, my brain just decided that it wasn't going to have any part of it.

The fix was simple: pull out some tunes from the album 'All is Violent, All is Bright' from 'God is an Astronaut', and stare at the screen until my fingers decided to move again.

This was just the right kind of music: instrumental, solemn, realistic, provocative, and energizing.

I was reminded yet again, that one needs to create a music arsenal; never be married to one genre. You need to be able to reach into that arsenal and pull out the appropriate music for the task at hand.

Here's a couple examples from my arsenal based on my mood (in the order that I went through them during that day):

  • Energetic => 'Blackfire' by 'Dragonforce'
  • Apathy => 'Eudaimonia Overture' by 'Paul Gilbert'
  • Flow => 'Paddington Bear' by 'General Fuzz'
  • Distracted => 'CAFO' by 'Animals as Leaders'
  • Dejected => 'All The Way Up' by 'Mr Big'
  • Recovering => 'Fill My Heart' by 'Two Steps From Hell'
  • Motivated => 'Bullitts Dominae' by 'Pure Reason Revolution'
  • Serene => 'Butterflies on Luci's Way' by '*shels'

Of course, music isn't the secret to productivity (for that, eat a ketogenic diet, meditate, and adhere to circadian cycles), but it sure as hell helps a lot.


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