Medicine Through The Years

medicine though the years, Let's fix each other

We've come a long way in the field medicine since the good old days of praying for survival. Today, we can cure many of the diseases once thought to be terminal, certainly qualifying at.

However, in today's modern, specialised, and polluted world, most of us simultaneously lack both the breadth and depth of knowledge required to solve all of our health problems, while our environment becomes ever more hostile.

We'll have to get used to asking people to fix us, but we also have to learn to exercise wisdom in judgment. Not all problems have known domains, and not all problems can be solved with the "brute force" of surgery. Recognising the obesity problem for example, as a chronic behavioural problem, and acting over time as such, requires the discipline to avoid the temptation of a shotgun approach, and the wisdom to organise the required knowledge and traits and then execute based on them.

Trying to use money alone to buy expertise has proven to be shortsighted strategy, and often hasn't yielded an answer. (your heart surgeon doesn't necessarily know the behavioural tweaks needed to break your addiction to bacon) That, in my opinion, is one of the modern day incarnations of stupidity.

So far, knowledge has advanced at a faster rate than stupidity, let's see if that trend continues.


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