Make Your Kids Your Greatest Project

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make your kids your greatest

Humans like to have sex. More Accurately, procreation is a natural urge.

(Un)fortunately, outside of some basic jurisdiction (you're over 16), no one needs a license to be a parent.

It's no wonder then, that there are quite a fair many bad parents around. Worse, they usually tend not to know it. (overbearing Asian parents)

Oddly enough, many of these same (bad) parents lament the fact that raising kids is too expensive. Some claim that raising a child costs \$1,000,000, and therefore great effort needs to be put on making the money to do so. Well, I won't debate the dollar amount - it's simply too variable. Rather, I think we should turn our discussion to a more pertinent topic: that insidiously buried within that statement is the implication that having money makes its much easier to be a good parent.

But of course, no amount of money is going to be a substitute for the things that really matter in life: your values, your ethics, and your attitude. Everything, from how well you react to failure, to how much you're willing to work for something, is dictated by heuristics either consciously or subconsciously taken from their parents.

Unfortunately, planning the route that your child should take through life is too often approached with either a selfish or a flippant attitude. ie: "You came from [X_private school]. And you better show your worth by getting into Harvard!" on one side. "Bah, Whatever!" on the other.

The fact is that taking a stand in a child's education can and will shape their existence for the rest of their lives. That, I think, is too important to leave to random chance. It means becoming not just a support and caregiver, but also a mentor, and a beacon. That takes a level of emotional commitment that many simply are not willing to make. Those who do however, hold the keys to the future.

Raising a child doesn't cost \$1,000,000. It costs much, much more. But guess what, it's worth it.


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