Make Art Every (Week)day

make art every

To artists, making art is second nature. At the same time, making art is hard.

Worse still, on a bad day (or week, or maybe even a bad month), a great artist's work degenerates to that of any regular practitioner. Human energy, motivation and inspiration has this fickle way of rewarding those who serve it. Hence, an artist gets more inconsistent results the more experienced they become.

All great artists however, find a way around this and continue to perform to schedule. There are many techniques out there, but I the universal one has got to be periodisation. ie: Work as hard as possible when inspired, enjoy the silence while it lasts.

There are some artists (like Scott Adams and Dilbert's Daily Strip) that seem to be relentless content-production machines, but never make the mistake of comparing someones outside to your inside; there is likely some method of periodisation going on behind the scenes.

However, artists always find ways to up the ante. They get better at producing, and better at taking breaks, leading to major fluctuations in creative activity. This also leads to the (outside) perception that the artist is working non-stop.

If you're still think you're unfamiliar with your creative process, then the best advice is to stay conservative, and submaximally push your limits. If you stick to it (for years), you'll get to the level of the greats.

By then, you would have evolved your own philosophy of how to work wonders. But until then, make art every week day.

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