Mac OS 10.7 - The Lion

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Download the PDF! -- I'm sure many people would have heard of Apple's announcement on the 20th of October 2010 about it's next edition of Mac OSX. It was dubbed the 'Lion', meaning big changes ahead.

We can speculate, but the general direction of Apple is clear: they're going to pursue their integrated model, extending that to Mac OS.

I think this is going to be a huge win for consumers on the whole. Apple's willingness to make bold decisions has largely satisfied the average consumer.

But I don't see myself as the average consumer. As I delve deeper into the developer's world, staying on the forefront of innovation requires an upfront investment in freedom, even if it means more hassle.

With the continual development of server-side technologies, one can increasingly develop on a different platform from one's users. And with a future in web development, I want to stick with the best development platform, which is at present, some flavour of UNIX.

While Apple has stuck to its UNIX roots, this move could very well be a step in the other direction. If Lion does indeed serve as a form of closure to OSX, ushering in a new Mac OS with a different architecture, then I'll have to abandon my Mac.

The above is all speculation, yes. It's more likely that everything that I've said is wrong. Mac OSX will retain its current architecture and only get better in subsequent iterations.

This still remains one of those decisions that no one can call, but it is one where one will eventually have to take sides. Worse still, we can never justify our reasons for taking one side over another. We just need to do something, plan for the consequences, and have faith.

If anything, this served as a good reminder that I had taken my Operating System for granted. Hence, if the worse comes to pass, I'll be ready.

Besides, penguins truly are a work of art.

(click to enlarge) penguins are a work of art! protect the penguins


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