Logic Has No Place In Wisdom

logic has no place in

I think this is the logical flow of discovery for most things in life.

First, there's haplessness - an acknowledged lack of control over the situation. This is the obese person 'giving up' about the fact that they can't eat less.

Then, comes logic - the perceived realisation of an inherent determinism to things. This is the same person finally realising that 'calories in - calories out = weight gain/weight loss' is what matters, and that switching regular soda with diet soda is going to help with that.

Hopefully, logic prevails long enough for the person to see a more complete picture. Then comes wisdom - the realisation that there is no logic, or that the underlying logic is too complex to understand and fit to practical use. On top of that, it's being comfortable with taking practical steps forward without being able to know why they work, but stubbornly and consistently trying to mine the exact reason why.

That's the now-no-longer-obese person starting to pay attention to what foods make him feel good/bad, adjusting the diet accordingly, while diving into the current research literature to try and discover why.

Of course, most people don't go through to the third stage. For those who do, it's usually not so easy to tell between the expert and the uber-expert; getting to that stage represents the limits of practical applicability.

Those people aren't the loudest people around. They know that their goals are their own, and havegot the means and the mind to continue pushing on. That's where wisdom is finally turned into knowledge.


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