Let Life Bloom

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Feed the Core. Don't neglect the

Like it or not, becoming good at something requires that you make a set of tradeoffs [1]; you have to get comfortable with not ever achieving some things. The key to success then revolves around your ability to focus on becoming the best at what you do.

But of course, becoming the best doesn't merely involve working incessantly on the core task. It also means taking care of all external factors that hinder progression of the task (eg: legal bullshit required to run your software business).

In other words, it means respecting yourself as a creator -- maintaining the support structures necessary for you to do your work.

Unfortunately, that core takes an awfully long time to bloom. We'll just have to be patient, and keep feeding it with the energy from the periphery.

Usually, it's worth it.

Let Life
Bloom Footnotes:

[1] - "Tradeoffs", not "Sacrifices". The latter term has too much emotional baggage.


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