Lazy, or Burned-out?

am I lazy or burned out? Thank god for sitcoms and ice

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Am I being lazy, or do I really need a break? Anyone pursuing a grand goal is familiar with this feeling of self doubt.

Now, if you're rushing a deadline, then there's no excuse - you're being lazy. But with grander goals, longer timelines, and with passion fuelling the charge, this becomes an issue. Because regardless of how much passion your brain can generate, your body will sooner or later decide to call it quits.

Unfortunately, I don't think that there's an easy answer. The only way seems to be to know yourself, and by that, I mean that you rely on past experiences to inform yourself about your current status, using that knowledge to decide whether to push on, or pull back.

The feelings of self doubt will still be there, that much I think we can never solve. But I do take reassurance that I've crossed the first boundary, and avoided the greatest danger - the danger of not questioning myself at all.


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