I've Got a Date with God

call me a misanthrope, but I've got a date with

A misanthrope is someone who dislikes humanity. That's true, but coming from humanity's perspective.

In his essay, 'The Acceleration of Addiction', Paul Graham points out several key lessons from observing what people use to feed their addictions over the years.

One takeaway, is that humanity as a whole is oftentimes wrong. That is to say, that ignoring what everybody is doing and saying no is the only way to get real stuff done. That's no surprise, given that the great breakthroughs in math and science were made by weirdos with bad hair locking themselves up for long periods of time in their studys.

That's fine for theoretical stuff, but there is a different class of genius, the type who is in the trenches day in, day out; those who we like to call 'entreprenuers'. Constant contact with the world is essential for understanding the means to create value, but too much contact can sway one from doing what is right.

It's thus more likely than not, that the entreprenuers of today are those who would probably have been seen as misfits and eccentrics. As much as we love Steve Jobs, he has his idiosyncracies too. [1]

On reconciling the malaise and self-doubt associated with pursuing anything worthwhile, Paul Graham offers some words of advice:

"Sounds pretty eccentric, doesn't it? It always will when you're trying to solve problems where there are no customs yet to guide you."

So while I trust humanity, I'll always consult my personal God first.

[1] The seemingly random emailing of customers could probably qualify as a crazy quirk.


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