Insights are Made by Individuals

insights are made by

Insights take seconds, and cannot come from groups; groupthink will not permit that.

Which is why discoveries can be attributed to a single person. Though groups did the donkey work of building the car, it was Ford's insights that enabled it in the first place.

Still, Ford needed the workers to create the vision.

Of course, what's exciting about today is that so many problems are being solved by software. And with software, sometimes a single person is enough to get a project off the ground.

Whether it was a game changer like Linux by Linus Torvald, to a niche framework like Ruby on Rails byDavid Heinemeier Hanson, to a MicroISV run by Patrick Mackenzie, we have numerous examples of a value-adding software product created by a single person.

There's only one barrier left: You've just gotta be that dam good. And while the insight that makes you millions is going to come in seconds, the road that takes you there is (likely) going to span years. Don't worry though, it's going to be a fun ride. Download the PDF or buy the print to view the little monkeys.


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