Idea Freezing Points

ideas need to cool down and congeal

and let your ideas cool down Ideas need energy to run wild. They need to be set free to harvest the sweet nectar of a billion possibilities.

But eventually, they need to cool down, and congeal to a palpable form that provides the bearer with some sort of actionable next step.

Both the heating up and the cooling down are necessary steps. Without activation energy, ideas are just disparate strands without the glue to connect them. And without the cooling-off period, that glue which they have accumulated through their travels has no chance to form a bond between ideas.

I've found this to be very useful. For example, I'll dream up some idea for a scribble, and immediately get to work, writing down all the possible ways of translating the image in my head to an image shareable with the world. Many trains of thought whiz by, and I'll frantically try to capture them all.

But the buzz slowly dies down, and that's when I know to let it fizzle and extinguish.

I think many people can get excited really easily, but not many people get the cooling-off part right. Yet that's the most important part for genius to show itself. So do give your ideas some time to cool down, you'll be thankful for the ice when the next heat (idea) wave comes.


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