Great Minds Are A Mess

Great Minds are a

There seems to be a correlation between creativity and sprawling work spaces. Being almost literally buried in your work allows the subconscious to process vast quantities of data and numerous trains of thought, an eventual route to the epiphany.

Years pass, thoughts are refined and skills are sharpened. It's thanks to all of that that we can all enjoy the privilege of watching the skilled creator at work.

However, the path there is bumpier than most people think. True creators understand iterative recursion in a world of trial and error. They try to build something, and 90% of the time, totally screw up - not just something that functions badly, but something that cannot function at all.

The creator sees this, and tries to learn the best he/she can from these mistakes. These precious reminders of past mistakes manifest themselves as scattered shards of logic on the workspace [1].

But the rest of the world will not, and cannot, see 90% of product - all they see is a mess.

So to those deep in creation, I salute your endeavours. It's a lonely path indeed, gaining sympathy only from other creators (a minority), and drawing understanding only from oneself.

[1] - or more accurately, the planning space


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