Good Things Demand To Be Wasted

good things demand to be

A lot of progress that we've made as a whole has been due to relentless throwing of shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. Our minds seem to work that way - a herd of little people all screaming to be heard.

Unfortunately, not all of them can be heard, and it's just more likely that a crap idea get's through the filter. So we'll have to live with the sometimes depressingly, painful results. EG: medicine has only got to where it is because of the "unnecessary" deaths caused by its practice.

Fortunately, our thoughts and ideas come cheap. And by throwing them around and seeing what people think, perhaps the better ones have a chance of showing themselves. In either case, I think taking your ideas for granted leaves for more room to be surprised by the wonderful one lurking in the midst. --- Get the PDFand try to spot the little ideas.


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