Good Friends Come and Go

I remember being taught in High School to value my friendships. That's true, but I wasn't taught how to do that.

And if you've been involved with an Elementary or High school of late, you'd know that schools often take pride in what is termed as an orientation program, meant to initiate the coming batch into the system. Make friends. Sing songs. Get along.

That's all fine and good, and the bliss of teenage life is a perfect time to revel in those joys. But that was because we had it easy back then.

Life rolls on by, teenagers become adults, and friendships change. There's an attitude that comes with adulthood - you treat your friends differently. You don't value them less. In fact, they become ever rarer beacons in the vast sea of hate and nonchalence, and logically you should value them more.

But I think far too many people in the transitory years (where I'm at) try to maintain that same old attitude. At best, they delude themselves into thinking that their old mode of friendship still holds. Worse still is when they hold friends who try to pull away. Still worse is if they become more prone to being exploited by enemies. The worst case is when they turn friends into enemies.

Why the rift? I think it's because so many young people are still going through Uni, supported by their parents, and never bothered with much else. Same old, same old. On the other hand, others have had life thrust upon them, and they know what they need to do. There is a difference in purpose.

In other words, I think we don't treat enemies seriously enough while growing up. After all, you could always duck and cover behind mommy's arms. No wonder we'retaking longer to grow up.


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