Gift Economy vs Greed Economy

gift vs greed

Apple announced their subscription model a few days ago, and the bad news is already pouring in, even as far as to prompt a possible investigation by the Justice Department for anti-trust violation. The protests have largely agreed among a central theme: Apple is building a greed economy.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are gift economies like Wikipedia. It's hard to make a gift economy work. It looks messy and is fundamentally decentralised; there can be no single owner.

But of course, the most powerful, and necessarily the most dangerous, are those greed economies that are respected as gift economies. Twitter is faltering, and Google islooking shaky as well. Both have redeemed our trust for now [1], but let's see how this unfolds.

[1] Twitter has restored UberTwitter's API, while Google hasn't done anything evil yet


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