Fuzzy Brain Day

fuzzy brain

Just flew back to the Home base of Melbourne, Australia. Overnight flights with disturbances aplenty and cramped into a tiny seat (or maybe it's cos I'm 6'2''/189cm tall) isn't my version of a restful night's sleep.

However, the body is a weird thing. There was no fatigue, only a sudden onset of listlessness. ie: physical activities did not suffer from degraded performance (cleaning the place), mental facilities tanked completely. Yet, the instinct was to try and push my conscious agenda against my brain's subconscious rebellion. That degenerated into a slew of skimming random internet articles interspersed by pointless bouts of watching Starcraft 2 shoutcasts - hoping that the "entertainment" would leave me refreshed and ready to work again.

6 hours later, I gave up. Looks like discipline tanks from overnight flights as well. Good thing I can still draw =P.

More importantly, it's a good reminder of what it feels like to be tired. Being a University Undergrad, I can afford the luxury of total sovereignty over my time - I can work when I feel best, and I'll always be able to be in tip-top physical condition revving at 110% (8 hrs sleep, exercise, good diet, etc all taken care of). Lesson Learnt: Once you've experienced the high of charging at 110% at all times, being 80% feels like crap. Lifestyle freedom and maintenance demands a hefty price and it's always worth it.


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