Freedom Can Be Bought But Never Sold

freedom can be easily bought, but never

Ultimately, living modern life well is about having the right mindset at any given time - something which one can only ever confer upon oneself.

But for those who are daring, there is a wide-open world with all its freedom to offer, waiting to be taken. Of course, the world doesn't tell you it's there - it has nothing to sell. But for those who have obtained these jewels, the urge to sell it to others is ever present.

It takes a truly magnificent person to sell a mindset under exactly the right context that gets people to convert. Moreover, its easier when that context bears a social component (Christianity) or a familial obligation (Islam). For someone like me - an ordinary person and an outsider - to try and sell you or any other person a mindset is simply ludicrous.

Instead, take pride in my own advancements of my freedoms, sharing it with those that care, and only to those that care.

So whenever I feel inclined to share the mindsets I hold dear, I remember that pigs can stare at pearls, and that I just as I well could too.


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