Forget about the Turing Test

forget about the turing test, we know that we've got artificial
intelligence when computers become

Many dream of a romantic world were AI exists. Whether it be intelligent apps that tell us how much we've eaten, or the latest crazy Japanese robotic creation, I'm sure we can see how such new, exciting technology can impact our lives.

With people like Ray Kurzweil predicting a technological singularity by 2029, and Jeff Hawkins pushing for a new, hierarchical model of the brain, along with the exponential growth of computing power, we are bound to be witnessing some astounding stuff in the near future.

Some fear these consequences, while others champion them. Whatever happens, we will be able to add another layer of optimisation to the way we live our lives.

However, there are some things that will be more difficult to change. It's likely that it will take longer to figure out how to coax people to break an addiction, lose weight, or become happy. But since all these phenomenon have roots in the genome, they may very well be cracked eventually.

However the one thing that I think will not change, is the ability to treat each other with respect and dignity. It seems that with each added layer of diversity, we've created a new avenue for snobbery, and if machines become like humans, then we can't expect any better.

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