does your industry thrive on clarity or confusion

Send the PDF to the people who seem not to know the answer to this question If your industry thrives on confusion, the person who is rewarded the most isn't necessarily the greatest contributor. This doesn't arise due to problems of efficiency, but because of problems of principle. And if your principles are congruent with the industry, you're bound for failure.

Take being a lawyer as an example. Theirs is an industry that thrives on confusion; there is a need to obfuscate in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Do note, that perpetuating confusion doesn't have to imply moral bankruptcy. After all, how many times have you actually taken a comedian seriously? And how many times have you found yourself buzzing over the cliffhanger ending of your favourite sitcom? Theirs is an industry that thrives on confusion as well!

Contrast these to being a physicist at the Large Hadron Collider, where any lack of technical merit is going to be flushed out by your co-workers.

It takes a different kind of person to work in either, and it pays to know what your industry is like. That's a simple question, but it's one that young people don't ask often or early enough. Instead, they simply default to what their environment demands of them.

So, which C do you stand for?


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