Corporate Busy vs Creator Busy

corporate busy vs creator

When I say busy, don't think about constant movement. That's corporate busy - the compulsive need to do stuff.

Creator busy is subtly, though distinctively different - it's the compulsive need to do stuff when it matters. So don't mistake all the lazing around for an idle mind. The creator is bound to be either plotting something, or respecting their need to recharge in a constructive fashion (eg: taking a walk as opposed to watching television).

Don't forget that because creativity is inherently random, all that idle time may in fact be a subconscious pullback before the flood of ideas. The creator understands this, and respects it in a way that is impossible in a corporate environment. (in the traditional sense)

And when the creator eventually gets busy, it'll be atop a mountain of inspiration, and not trapped in a box somewhere (unless the box is of their own making).

In other words, for a creator, every day is a Sunday.


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