I've always been wrestling with this tense relationship with my morning coffee. I don't know why, but coffee always smells really, really good. The funny thing is, that cheap, powdered, instant coffee smells almost as good as expensive, brewed coffee. The key distinction I feel, is that the cheap coffee loses its fragrance the moment water is added, while the brewed coffee retains that luscious aroma, temping you to take a sip.

But then the disappointing moment comes when you take that first mouthful - it tastes not much better than a concentrated form of my cheap, instant coffee!

Many things look better than they seem, and thus comes to mind Hugh Macleod's words of wisdom, "never compare your inside to somebody else's outside" and "you are responsible for your own experience".

The moral of the story: Coffee is best appreciated freshly brewed, slowly sipped from a small cup, sitting by the bistro, enjoying the context of consumption. [1]

[1] most commonly a conversation, but equally enjoyable, people-watching in a trendy neighbourhood


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