CES 2011 Intel/Gapingvoid Tribute - The processor is an expression of
human potential
(click for large image) --- ** Big Thanks to Hugh for letting me publish this post! *\*

Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid.com has recently been doing some great work with Intel. Most of all, doing live drawings and signings at the Intel boothat the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

I couldn't be there in person, but at least I can be there in spirit.

So I downloaded one of Hugh's Freebies on his blog and made a little sketch on the Blank-Canvas of the Intel/Gapingvoid processor.

That's human potential right there. It's completely unpredictable, and is often silent for long periods of time. But then, suddenly someone manages to put the piece together, and a completely new way of thinking emerges.

That's Darwin publishing 'The Origin of Species', or Einstein penning down E=mc2, or Wikipedia discovering the wisdom of crowds, or Craigslist tapping into local efficiency, or Apple effectively creating a mainstream market for tablets.

So I ask, what breakthrough are you going to make in this lifetime?


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