We've often heard that good writing "strikes a chord" with someone. That's more accurate than most people think.

If you remember your high school physics, physical objects have what we like to call a natural frequency. It's easy to find a real world example. Just look at children playing on a playground bridge. They love to jump up and down and try to make the bridge wag and wave. But even at that young age, we understand that to make the bridge wave the most, we need to jump at a particular frequency - not too fast, not too slow.

Even then, their chubby friend can throw of our efforts by refusing to jump. And yet, when they cooperate, everyone ends up jumping at the same frequency. It just feels right.

So that's what beauty is. It's a whole bunch of seemingly random events that we take for granted, suddenly coming together synchronously to producing something much larger.

But there's that natural frequency, and you'll find different people with different frequencies that make them jump. Trying to bring everyone together is an impossible task - Physically impossible.

Because beauty demands that the fat boy jump in tune.


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