Awareness Trumps Intelligence

awareness trumps

*somewhat inspired by this post by Sebastian Marshall.

Every time I go to my local butcher, I'm approached by the same Vietnamese Lady who mans the counter. She's always courteous, and for 6 days every week, mans her business 9-5 (or rather, 6-5). Her husband, at the back, processes the day's meat by hand, whistling while he works.

They have found a niche, and all it took was awareness to see this opportunity, courage to make it happen, and persistence to stick it through.

The great thing is that once you've past the courage stage, the rest is easier than you think. Many people have made good money with a little car repair joint just off the highway, or a little hole-in-the-wall Chinese Takeaway just off the office lane. Heck, people have been selling cow dung and loving it.

That's awareness, and I'd wager that my butcher is far happier than the second-rate professor trying to prove something to the world from a second-rate University.


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