A True Creator Only Feels Bad About Their Work, Never

True creators recognise that when they do great work, they are bound to run in many haters. But they never let that affect their work one bit.

However, what most people fall into the trap of the slippery slope - that not being shaken by negative opinion = being able to re-interpret that opinion. In other words, being able to be all Zen and ignore every negative incident as "love simply misdirected" or however you'd like to interpret it.

Instead, I'm sure that even the most stoic person will have a few sensitive nerves that get hit on every once in awhile. What the smart creators do is to recognise that their environment affects them in ways that they cannot consciously control, and therefore engineer their environment to encourage creation instead of dismay.

This could be as simple as turning off blog comments, or as complex as setting up a shell script that intelligently routes and delivers your email.

But the true creators will find away to propagate creation, always with a smile =).


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