A Sense of Justice

nature created an infinitely scalable system when she gave us a sense

We know that life isn't fair, yet instinctively believe in the notion of reciprocity.

What this principle basically states, is that you reap what you sow. The corollary to that, is that the evils that befall an individual are "deserved" or "intended"; an act of karmic balance.

Taking a step back, this isn't surprising. Nature hard-wired this concept into many social creatures like primates and bats. This inherent notion of tit-for-tat is probably one of the reasons why such social animals thrive: each member strives to maintain his/her karmic surplus and debt. As a side effect, the entire population moves forward.

But as disasters become more and more unpredictable, and talent becomes more and more unequally valued, our age old of notion of fairness is crumbling.

The worse thing one can do, is to cry foul and try to fight this. Too many people fight for justice that they feel but cannot describe. Instead, they literally look for an excuse to fight by fitting facts to opinions.

A sense of justice is a noble thing, but we need to be aware that our sense of justice was a million years in the making. We need to evolve that once more, and see things for what they are. Failing to do so will lead to one endless fight. --- Get the PDFto remind yourself of the perils of fighting the endless fight.


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